Tangkas Royal Without De Porras, Persija Maximize da Rocha

Land Bolatangkas is agile online with a trusted land version suit – Persija Jakarta is able to host Persiraja Banda Aceh in the inaugural match of the next round of the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) 2011-12 at the Wilis Madiun Stadium on April 7. Entering David da Rocha as new ammunition makes Persija increasingly sure you can pick the entire number.

“We is in good condition. The entry of David da Rocha in Persija is very fitting in this first game,” said assistant coach Toyo Haryono.

Persija actually had problems not to be able to lose three players due to the accumulation of cards namely Emanuel de Porras, Arfan Ariwijaya and Ferdi Mose. But Toyo Haryono claimed to have prepared a unique formula to patch his squad mainly because of the absence of de Porras.

“We still have San San and Danilo that may sometimes rise to the very best of their position in the middle. Our target is certainly winning. A hardcore team. Moreover, I had heard that the team had overhauled it, so I still told the players to play the best, “he said.

Meanwhile, team manager Ardhi Tjahjoko said in the next round Persija concentrated on the character of the player. He hoped the players could become more ready to accept the team the coach and give one another input to build a team.

“Develop this second round can improve performance. Action against Persiraja tomorrow we are targeting to win,” he added.

In this second round, in addition to recruiting David da Rocha, Persija added a number of young players including Abdul Basit, Abdul Malik and bola tangkas.

“Develop our scheme in the next round can boost rankings in the standings. Our target would be to advance to the very best 4, “said Risdianto’s engineering manager.

The problem of vacating the top coach of Persija following resignation of coach Jaya Hartono continues to be the homework of the Kemayoran Tigers. So far Persija’s management continues to be selecting trainers who’ll replace Jaya Hartono. the assistant coach at PSM Makassar will interact the selection. Meanwhile, assistant coach Toyo Haryono handles the team in coordination with the technical adviser Risdianto.

At the conclusion of the initial round, Persija was ranked 10th in the IPL standings. Within the last few five games, the Kemayoran Tigers never won. 3 x the Persija failed to choose points while two draws were obtained including when serving Semen Padang in the last game.

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