Italian Fashion Trends After World War II

From early 1950s until today, Italy has again regained her position as the fashion mistress of the modern world. This shift may took place due to the organization of Italian fashion designers in Florence, opening fashion show spectaculars in an endeavor to regain the role of fashion leader of the world. Perhaps Italy simply seized as soon as following the war ended to obtain its foot back in the fashion door.

Many American servicemen were sent to Europe during World War II. Tourism was not yet an ordinary activity want it is today. The soldiers were confronted with European culture on a firsthand basis. This is handed down with their children once the American servicemen fathers insisted that their children complete their cultural education by visiting the Eternal City, which helped bring the Italian fashion back in people eye. A big percentage with this affluent American college students spent a tour of Europe as a coming old ritual, often bringing home Italian Fashions back again to the States with them. Mama Mia!

In fact Italy generally speaking became very popular. American singers with Italian roots rose to the forefront. There is Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin (of the Brat Pack) and Italian cuisine became the rage. No further considered uneducated immigrants, italian shoes meant culture, and along with that came its acute fashion sense. Bellissima!

The world’s most prominent fashion cities are called the Big Five. Annually, the order may change according with their menu of fashion offerings, organized meetings and conventions and more. The purpose is to help keep each city competitive and as much as as soon as in fashion trends. Currently, they’re listed in the following order, subject to alter, obviously:

1. Milan, 2.New York, 3. Paris, 4. London, and 5. Rome. And in addition, two of the most effective five currently reside in Italy. Tokyo is another important trendsetting fashion city in the current modern world.

From the 1950s onward, fashion was a luxury that only top of the middle income and the rich to afford to follow. The fashion label inside girls’collars was often inspected by their peers. Cashmere was the rage and Italian fashion was crème de la crème.

By the late 1970s, fashion had become readily accessible to the overall public. The shift from stay at home girls’fancy clothing (cotillion, proms and dance hall attire) to everyday work and student chic clothing was reflected by women returning to the job world. All at one time, ready-to wear designer jeans, miniskirts, cool designer sweaters created by Italian based fashion houses deposed snooty Florence from her former pinnacle to Milan as the brand new, modern woman’s fashion Mecca.

Italy’s Foremost Fashion Cities:

Slightly less important, Fendi and Bulgari are based in Rome. Rome supplies a wide sampling of many fashion houses, both domestic and international.

Valentino, Prada and Armani are based in Milan, which is frequently among the Big Five because practical and innovative fashion sense.

Home of Ferragamo and Gucci, it had been Florence that first caught a person’s eye of the post WWII world using its soirees and international fashion shows.

Since 1945, the Bag by Roberta di Camerino became an essential fashion statement.


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