EA could bring hit battle royale game Apex Legends to mobile

Apex Legends has been an early smash hit for EA Games, and now the business hopes to make it even very popular by bringing it to Android and iOS.
CEO Andrew Wilson has confirmed that EA is “looking at” a portable port of the free-to-play battle royale game. However when can we expect it to reach?
Fortnite remains the hottest battle royale game on the planet for now, but apex legends android is fighting to take over. After just one week of availability, it has recently attracted significantly more than 25 million players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

A lot of Fortnite’s success may be caused by its support for so many platforms; it may now be played on Nintendo Switch and even Android and iOS, where it does not have any competition from EA for now. But that may soon change.

Apex Legends could possibly be on its way to mobile
“We are considering just how to take the overall game to mobile and cross-play with time,” Wilson confirmed during a recently available EA earnings call. “I also expect that game will have tremendous value in Asia, and we’re in conversions about that.”

Sadly, Wilson did not indicate when Apex Legends might make the leap to mobile. Considering that EA is just “looking at” it for now, it’s probably be sometime before we see the overall game gracing the App Store. That is still exciting news for mobile gamers, though.
Before Fortnite made cross-platform play with mobile devices typical, EA wouldn’t have wanted bringing one of its latest titles to Android and iOS — at least not with the capacity to synergy and play against others on console and PC.

But Fortnite has proven that there are plenty of individuals out there who would like to play these games on mobile devices, and they’re willing to invest their cash to them, too. In 2018, Fortnite pulled in a massive $385 million on iOS alone.
Why is Apex Legends so popular?
Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment — exactly the same studio behind Titanfall — and you can find a number of issues that have helped it become insanely popular.

Firstly, there’s the problems with Fortnite. Season seven has brought a number of controversial changes to the overall game that have frustrated long-time players, and it appears as though the time was right for a new battle royale game to take their interest.

Then there’s the fact that a number of the biggest Fortnite players, including Ninja, have struck deals with EA to stream Apex Legends for their tens of thousands of fans. Once you see your chosen streamer having a good time with a new title, you intend to check it out out.

Only time will tell whether Apex Legends can sustain explosive growth and hang in there for so long as Fortnite has. That will depend on how EA moves it forward, and whether it floods the overall game with in-app purchases want it has with other titles.

For now, Epic Games probably doesn’t have too much to worry about. But when it doesn’t acknowledge the complaints of the community in season eight, Fortnite may slowly lose its crown as the biggest battle royale game.


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