10 Powerful Approaches to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site

Some time back, I started a web page to advertise games based on the Android operating system. It had all the bells and whistles: plenty of articles, pictures, affiliate promotions, and it looked cool. I was told that to obtain traffic to the site I would need to optimize it so search engines could find it and send me tons of traffic. So I optimized it. I found out what key term were the very best fit for my site, I shortened my URL structure, ensured my image alt tags were correct, created a niche site map and plenty of other stuff. It absolutely was confusing, time-consuming, frustrating, but I did it anyway because I thought it would bring the traffic that I knew my site deserved; my beautiful baby.

So I watched my Google Page Rank, I monitored my site statistics, I checked my affiliate accounts and….nothing. It absolutely was like watching paint dry. In time, I did see that the search engines were sending out their robots, or “crawlers”, to scope my site out. In reality, that has been about the only real traffic I was getting. Every once in some time I would get a missing soul that accidentally wandered onto my site then within mere seconds, became popular to never be seen again. Now don’t misunderstand me, proper SEO can actually help your website, it really takes a while. And if you’re like me, I don’t have the patience for that. I would like immediate gratification; I would like people to come see my beautiful baby now!

So what’s a proud parent to complete?

Allow me to suggest to 10 very powerful tools that you need to use to quickly drive traffic to your website; and I am talking about seeing increased targeted traffic within 24 hours.

Purchase Targeted Traffic – O.K., I know very well what you’re thinking. I go to “Guido” of “ShadyTraffic4U”, hand over my hard-earned money and end up getting tens of thousands of people from countries that don’t even speak my language arriving at my site. Or worse, a bunch of “robots”, not really real people, come visit my site…can robots buy stuff? Well that’s not what I mean. Search for companies that may guarantee you traffic from countries that you would like, or better yet, from areas of the nation that you want. Further, ensure they could also send you folks who are enthusiastic about the merchandise that you are promoting. Like, I would like 100,000 people from the western part of the U.S. which can be enthusiastic about photography to come calmly to my site. Yes, these services do exist. This may drive a boatload (big boat) of targeted customers to your website right away. And remember, this can be a “numbers” game. You might get 0.1 to 0.5% conversion (1 to 5 paying customers for each and every 1,000 visits) depending on how desirable your product, or service, is. If you find the appropriate traffic provider you should be able to obtain 100,000 visitors for under $200. That’s 100 to 500 paying customers for a measly 200 bucks. If your profit margin in your products averages $10 then you can potentially pocket a wonderful sum. Your experience can vary greatly but the important thing here is maximizing your conversions by getting probably the most targeted traffic possible. Yet another thing, ensure your provider provides you with a tool that offers you statistics on how much traffic has been sent to your site pay for soundcloud plays. Even better, ensure your provider has methods to throttle simply how much traffic you obtain each day so you do not get a big blast of traffic that kills your online site.

Guaranteed Sign-Ups – Is your organization model in relation to how many people you can get to provide you with their names, email addresses and phone numbers? Well you can find services available to assist you with this too. The key here is to find companies that may guarantee that their sign-ups are from folks who are genuinely enthusiastic about learning more about your product or service – once again “Targeted” traffic. In addition, you desire to ensure that emails submitted are real and 100% fully deliverable. If any are not real, you then should obtain a credit for them. Finally, be sure you get a tool that offers you statistics on how many sign-ups have now been submitted to your site. Expect to pay around $1 for every single guaranteed sign up.

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